Deli Announcements (updated April 20, 2020 pm)
Please do not enter the Deli if you are sick or if you are not wearing a face mask/covering.  Everyone entering the deli must maintain a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and anyone else in the Deli.

Take-Out Orders Only – Summary: (Updated April 20, 2020)
The Deli’s seating & self serve coffee sections are closed. All orders must be take-out orders! Please order before arriving.

Curbside Service: (Updated April 20, 2020)
Delivery to your car in Deli parking lot is available – just call (973) 831-6100 when you arrive.  Deli’s phone number is also posted on Deli’s rightmost window. If paying by credit card, you can pay when placing the order from home, or you can use the Deli’s portable credit card scanner from your car in the Deli’s parking lot.

Deli’s Safety Precautions for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) (updated April 12, 2020)
In compliance with Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders 104, 122 and 125, the Jersey Pride Deli is OPEN for take-out orders only. The Deli’s seating and self serve coffee sections are closed.  Coffee and tea are still available at the checkout counter.  Bottled and canned cold drinks, including juice and milk, are still available from the refrigerated cold drink cases.

Customers are not permitted to enter the Deli, if they are sick.  Customers who do enter the Deli are required to wear a face covering/mask while in the Deli and must maintain a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and anyone else in the Deli.

Please call ahead to place your order to reduce your time inside the Deli.  If you are paying with a credit card, you can further reduce your contact inside the Deli by providing your credit card information when you call ahead with your order.

If you don’t feel comfortable coming inside the Deli, we provide curb-side service.  Call when you arrive in the Deli’s parking lot and we will come outside with your order. If you pay for your order with credit cards, apple pay, apple watch etc., we will bring our portable credit card scanner for your use, outside with your order.

Future updates about the Deli’s operation, including precautions for the Coronavirus, will be posted in this announcements section. 

Call ahead for faster service