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Google Reviews (Partial)

John Gill Jr
John Gill Jr
19:54 19 Feb 18
Great place great food. Highly recommend
Allison Heyman
Allison Heyman
05:28 14 Jul 17
I have never met a more passionate, or genuinely compassionate person as the owner of this little gem in Jersey. You should at least give it a try if you're ever in the area and hungry, you won't be sorry you did! (Finally found a good reason to go to Jersey, lol!)
Catherine Walsh
Catherine Walsh
18:29 17 Jun 17
I ordered a Sub from this deli and it was excellent. They did not skimp on the meats it was stuffed with fresh cold cuts. It came with a side of freshly made Potato salad. The owner makes his own salads every day. The owner said that he doesn't use frozen chicken breasts for sandwiches. He prepares the chicken cutlets daily and makes the mozzarella cheese as well as homemade sauce. I will be returning real soon.
DC Santalla
DC Santalla
18:16 13 Mar 17
I walk into the Jersey Pride Deli for the first time on a random Monday, I'm craving a chicken cutlet sandwich on a round roll. Seems like a simple request but believe it or not, there are more times than not that I get back to my desk and my sandwich sucks. As I order my sandwich I start to explain how I want it, how (according to me) it should obviously be made when a "chicken cutlet sandwich on a round roll" is ordered at any of the million delis in New Jersey. When I get to the part where I'm saying "I want the chicken warm but the bread not toasted" the owner looks at me and says " I don"t do that re-heat thing here. I make that chicken to order. Its going right from the fryer to your sandwich." I laughed and said how I was happy about that as he told me it would be just a few minutes. Grabbing a roll and walking into the kitchen I could hear him saying (in so many words) how that lack of freshness doesn't fly in his deli. With News12NJ on the tv and a collection of amazing photos of Jersey on the walls, my eyes were entertained as I picked my drink and bag of chips. While paying for my lunch, I felt the need to tell the owner that I'll see him next time, letting him know that I'll be coming back. My experience so far has already convinced me of that. Getting back to my desk, I ate my lunch. The sandwich was so perfect, I almost called there to tell him he had gotten it right. Even the free potato salad that came with it couldn't have been better. Instead of calling there, I decided to write this. This will now be "my spot". This is the first time I have ever written a review for anywhere if that tells you anything.. Thanks for taking the time to read my review -DS
Rich Cording
Rich Cording
15:13 13 Jun 16
I have eaten here several times and this past weekend had Jersey Pride cater my daughter's birthday party for 30 people. I thought the food was delicious and all the guests let me know they loved the food. I recommend this deli both for lunch and their catering service. The homemade fresh mozzarella is a treat!
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Yelp Reviews (Partial)

Jersey Pride Deli & Catering
Based on 14 Reviews
Shawn S.
Shawn S.
2017-12-04 16:46:13
The absolute best deli around. JPD serves my favorite soup OF ALL TIME, their amazing chicken noodle. It's so fresh and delicious. Trust me, I didn't...
Michele D.
Michele D.
2016-07-15 19:57:10
This deli recently changed hands so I decided to stop in and give it a try on my day off this week. They have a bunch of signature sandwiches listed on...
Ken J.
Ken J.
2016-06-27 22:25:05
Been here numerous times on my way to & from work and I've ordered sloppy, over-stuffed sandwiches each and every time. Each slightly different, all with...

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